mercoledì 25 marzo 2009

Released Roma Meta Framework 1.2.0

Main addictions and improvements:

CORE module:
  • Created CollectionWrapper domain classes to display collections in better way. Now there are two impl: TableWrapper<> and MasterDetailWrapper<>. See the Handbook.pdf to know more.
  • Disable the class checking for hot-updates. Useful in production
  • New refresh of multiple fields in one shot or the entire object
  • Resolved bug on the session management under WebLogic AppServer
VIEW module:
  • New "URL" rendering mode to embed static and dynamic content in forms. Now you can embed HTML files, JSP files and Web sites at all
  • Managed render of collections and arrays using the "OBJECTEMBEDDED" mode
  • Resolved a bug on table ordering
  • Improved Echo2 Table component in order to support the change of the color of the column headers
  • Updated to the stable version 2.1.0 of Echo2
  • Updated to the stable version 1.1.0 of DataNucleus
ADMIN module:
  • Fixed management of Info and InfoCategory instances
  • Created CRUD of GenericValue
JETTY module:
  • Integrated new release of Jetty 6.1.5
  • The script under the user project script/ (and .bat) now works
CRUD wizard module:
  • CRUD now generate also: factory class (DDD), repository class (DDD), entry in package.jdo file if any

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