venerdì 10 luglio 2009

Released Roma Meta Framework 2.0.0

Main addictions and improvements:

CORE module:
  • Component Aspect: now the IoC is managed by this aspect. Spring impl comes as in bundle.
  • New AspectManager to retrieve the right aspect impl + use of cache to speedup the lookup
  • Support for multiple aspect implementations that can exist in parallel
  • First step to VirtualObjects: refactored all the schema package and created the Reflection implementation
  • Improved speed on first class discovering
  • New Roma class as entry point for the most common user's functions
  • First step to remove Apache XmlBeans to load Roma XML files
  • Support for field's events
  • Removed the need of BackObject using FlowAspect.back()
  • Moved location of Spring files. From WEB-INF to src/META-INF/component
  • Removed manual inclusion of Spring files. Now are red all the files under the src/META-INF/component folder
  • Separated from ViewAspect
  • Let to validate any POJO, also not rendered as form
  • Implemented the new SerializationAspect to marshall/unmarshall objects in different formats (now only JSON and Java binary) and different strategies also pluggable
FRONTEND module:
  • New RomaFrontend class as entry point for the most common user's functions regarding the frontend (view, session, etc.)
  • The new Servlet filter "RomaWebFilter" starts and stops Roma
  • New SearchEngine module to build complex queries using a GUI
  • New GUI wrappers to handle collections as Select
  • Support to JSON and JSONP protocols
  • Updated to use the last version of CXF: 2.1.3
  • First version of Janiculum, the alternative to Echo2 View Aspect impl.
  • REST Access
  • Rendering impls are developed using FreeMarker to make easy to extend the framework with new renderers
  • Upgrade to the last official version
ECHO2 module:
  • Resolved bugs for components inside a TableEdit rendered component
ADMIN module:
  • Fixed management of Base Groups and Base Profiles
USERS module:
  • Assigned primary keys to persistent classes
  • Login by default let the user to select the language between those installed in the application
  • Changed the syntax of wizards
  • Launch of module-install.xml ant file on module installation
Modules PERSISTENCE-JPOX, PERSISTENCE-JDO and WORKFLOW-POJO are removed from the official distribution. MAP aspect is renamed in GEO aspect.